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Viviane Trubey, Pièce de résistance-Wakefield Mills, Quebec.jpg

Welcome to My Online Gallery!

My name is Viviane Trubey.  I am a Canadian artist/painter choosing to create in the medium of pastel. I work from my studio in North Augusta, Ontario, 60 kilometers from Ottawa. 


I make paintings for the joy of color and a passion for soft pastels.


Why Use Pastels?

"Oil painting excites our admiration by its energetic and powerful touches; aquarelle by its fine transparency; but the pastel pleases by its richness, its velvety appearance, which it seems to have stolen from the wing of the butterfly to be reproduced in the smiling features of beauty or the rich hues of flowers."

1898 quote from publisher F. Goupil

 Current local shows:

1.   Katarina's Coffee Shop, 513 King St W, 
Prescott, ON :  5 artworks on display,
"Emerald Creek Reflections" won 2nd place in Pastel Guild of Europe competition!

2.   Iron Forge Pizza Restaurant, 206 Main St W
Merrickville-Wolford, ON
10 colorful pastel paintings, 1 sold!

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