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Artist Statement

"This painting represents an homage to the famous painter, Giotto, in early 14th century. It has a shallow pictorial space and a bluish/cream color theme. The grouping of objects was inspired by his painting " The Vision of Joachim", 1306.  One can imagine that the bird represents an angel, the seashells represent figures and the vase a white building."

___ Viviane Trubey


Provenance: the artist's collection

2022-Homage to Giotto (14th c)/13.75 x 17.75 in/Available

  • Pastel

    12" x 16" artwork,

    13 3/4" x 17 3/4" framed


  • Details

    • Soft pastel on UART sanded paper
    • Adhered to Matboard
    • Artglass AR70 Museum Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass
    • Glass is scratch resistant and easy to clean with a microfiber cloth and a bit of ammonia-free cleaner
    • 70 % UV blocking
    • Locally hand-crafted wooden maple frame with whitewash finish
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