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Artist Statement

"This painting represent ideas from Mediaval art. I attempted to keep each color as luminous as possible with flat shapes in a compressed space. "

___ Viviane Trubey


Provenance: the artist's collection

2023- Arrangement in Blue, Gold, and Red/14.24 x 12.5 in/Available

  • Pastel

    11" x 12.5" artwork,

    14 1/4" x 12 1/2" framed


  • Details

    • Soft pastel on Uart sanded paper
    • Adhered to MatBoard
    • TruVue Conservation Masterpiece Anti-Reflective (AR) Acrylic (shatter-resistant and half the weight of glass)
    • 99% UV blocking
    • Custom framed, Blach mat finish with gold edge
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