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Artist Statement

What an incredibly beautiful place on Vancouver Island, BC!

This is Emerald Creek and I used my own reference photo. The water reflections are stunning! I took several photos. The pastel painting is an accurate representation of the scene on a sunny day.

It won second place in the Pastel Guild of Europe April "Abstract in a Restricted Palette" competition!

__ Viviane Trubey

Provenance: The artists's collection

2023-Emerald Reflections/22.25 x18 in/Buy at Katarina's Coffee Shop in Prescott

  • Pastel

    20" x 16" artwork,

    22 1/4" x 18" framed

  • Details

    • Pastel on Richeson grey sanded paper
    • Adhered to Matboard
    • Anti-glare glass
    • Hand-crafted 1 1/4" Sapele Wood Frame, a perfect match. (not shown in photo)
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