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Artist Statement:

I quite enjoy painting copies of Old Masters occasionally. The original is in oil, this copy is done in soft pastel.


_Viviane Trubey

2024-Painting Copy of an Interior by Edouard Vuillard/Available

  • Pastel

    16 x 20 inches artwork,

    18 x22 inches framed



    April 26 (7-9pm)-27 10am-5pm) -28 (11am-4pm) at the Canadian Legion, 141 Henry St. West, Presscott, ON, Canada. The South Grenville Guild of Fine Art is hosting the exhibition. For sale onsite by the artist.

  • Details

    • Soft pastel on Uart sanded paper, adhered to Matboard
    • Hand-crafted maple wood, whitewash finish
    • Museum grade Optium Acrylic covers the painting (anti-reflective, ultra clear, lighter weight than glass)
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